Business Practices

We strive to always work in the best interest of our customers. We design business systems that are appropriate and cost effective. We will not overbuild or over design your system so we can make more money implementing or maintaining it.

We provide full documentation for everything we do. You will receive all manufactures' license, registration, and documentation for every product you purchase. We make sure that you have proof-of-purchase for anything that you buy from or through A Well-Connected Office.

We believe that each of your employees, our employees and the employees of our suppliers are entitled to common respect and fairness. We will not deviate from this principle for any reason.

We will always do the best job that we are able. In areas where we lack expertise we will locate someone with the required skills. If we fall short of your expectations, let us know–we will make it right.

We make every effort to keep up with the technology. This requires frequently attending classes and seminars. We make certain that our employees are educated to perform the tasks that we ask them to do.

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