Who we are

A Well-Connected Office was started in April of 1999 by George Fendler, Joe Karcz, Bette Grace and Mike Grace. George and Joe provide the technical leadership while Bette and Mike manage the business operations.

We started the business in April of 1999 because we felt that community growth in San Benito County could support an organization that would provide professional system design and analysis to the local businesses. It appears that we were right. The volume of business that has been brought to us over the past year has been all but overwhelming.

At the end of August, we will roll out our first mobile computer lab. This is a custom-built truck containing a state-of-the-art electronics shop. This will allow us to have on-site access to test equipment, tools, documentation, supplies and spare parts–right outside your door. Less time will be spent driving back and forth between customer sites and the shop. This will allow us to perform our work more precisely and efficiently. The savings in time will ensure maximum up-time at a reasonable cost to the customer.

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